Flower Teachers 102

A friend gifted me with these flowers on Tuesday. Unfortunately all week was cloudy and raining here in Houston causing them to dry up and fall limp.

This morning I moved them closer to the window in hopes that catching some sunlight would revive my lifeless flowers.

Just now I walked past and was in disbelief at what a tremendous difference that small amount of time made.

As I snapped this picture I couldn't help but think of how amazing it is that, when exposed to light, even a flower blossoms and is able to fulfill its purpose.....

How many days out of the week do we facilitate an environment for the limp and lifeless because we don't let our light shine? How many lives would we inadvertently transform causing people reach their fullest potential if we did?

It's not solely about the flower. Neither the light. It's when the two join forces that beauty and purpose is revealed.