I Can Do All Things



For those of you who don't know, I've been traveling like CRAZY the last few weeks! I've flown to New Orleans, St.Louis, Detroit, Atlanta and Orlando all within the last 21 days! Its currently 10:07am and I'm laying in the bed reflecting on this past weekend's festivities! I'm totally convinced that I'm living the life God wants me to have and I'm so amazed by how His grace truly is sufficient!!

So how about this: I really tried not to procrastinate packing this time so my hair and makeup kits were packed in preparation to work in Orlando.  All I needed was 2 outfits and a pair of Pajamas: one for Saturday, and something to wear to church Sunday(my flight was to come back Sunday morning so I could still lead praise and worship). Somehow I was doing great on time until this huge thunder storm hits the city and I fear it's going to flood again. It didn't affect my flight but of course traffic affected me getting to the airport.

I finally make it and the line for TSA has about 200 people in it. I'm thinking "you've got to be kidding me". I find the nearest employee and ask her what can I do to do priority check in as my flight was boarding in 30 mins and I can't afford to miss my flight. (I was scheduled to touched down at midnight and my first client waa the next morning at 5am). She proceeds to tell me that her area (Priority TSA Screening) is closed for the evening and there's nothing she can do........... Anyone that knows me personally knows that I don't take no for an answer. So, I politely said "Ok, that's understandable but you're not the person I need to be talking to. Can you point me in the right direction?" The look on her face was priceless because she clearly wasn't ready for that response. She whispers and says, "You know what. Just go ahead." and she opens the gate, taking me to the first in line!!!!! Talk about the favor of the Lord!! Whew.

I get through TSA only to find that my makeup kit (my carry on) was behind the counter and I'm thinking "Dear God, please don't let them throw ANYTHING away! Because I've checked and double checked and I will tear this airport UP!"lol. Apparently, the weight concerned them so they had to open the entire kit to see what was in inside. So here I am holding up the line, as this older gentleman stands there ooh-ing and ahh-ing at my makeup collection. He's trying to strike conversation and ask what product is used when, and oh! I have a grandaughter named Anastasia, and I'm not trying to rush him but PawPaw, my flight is about to board and as you can see there are no bombs in my little box of treasure. All was clear and now we're struggling to place everything back in its place so I can close this joker. I get it closed and I'm like Jimmy Neutron, gotta blast!

I run with 4 minutes to spare and dag on plane isn't even there!!!!!! And didn't show up for another 40mins. Thankfully, the pilot made up the difference in travel and we touched down just before midnight. I grab a Very Berry Hibiscus from Starbucks and get picked up by my aunt.

We get to their home and I obnoxiously wake up the entire house! Lol  I was just  so happy to see her, my uncle, cousins and most of all Abuelito!!!! We stayed up til about 4am just laughing and catching up. I hadn't seen them since February 2014!

I took a nap and started my day at 5:30am. And literally worked the entire day. Hair, makeup, more hair, more makeup, a visit from a childhood friend while I was going hair and a quick visit to Target. I never went to sleep. I finished packing and Took a shower, got dressed, did my own hair and makeup and headed to the airport at 2am.

While at the airport I met a guy who was so drunk, he told me they probably wouldn't even let him on the plane lol. Anywho, his name was Bryan, he's from Idaho and just graduated from a double masters! We laughed and danced and snapped and he even bought me a Cinnamon Chai Latte from Starbucks. I'm pretty sure we're soulmates lol.

Whats crazy is that the lady that made my drink, also made my drink when I first touched down the night before and remembered me lol. Her name is Michelle. If you're reading this, remember what I said. Stay encouraged girl! God's got it all sorted out!

Anywho, moving right along, my ice cold flight takes off and 5:15am and I have an hour layover in Atlanta, where I manage to get a breakfast quesadilla, have an entire Q&A session with an aspiring MUA and get a much needed foot massage lol. I get on my next flight, which was also freezing but thankfully Delta gives out those complimentary blankets! I got my nap on and we make it to Houston at 9:10am!!

As soon as we touch down, I overhear the woman next to me angrily rushing her family because she wants to go to church at 11am. And I'm thinking, ma'am, I have to lead worship this morning and service starts at 10, chill. Lol

I get to baggage claim, my bag is the first to come out. Walk outside my uncle Doug is the first car I see. God is on my side! It's 9:33am. Pre-service prayer starts at 10, I go on stage at 10:08.

I had such an overwhelming since of peace despite being pressed for time. People are texting me thinking I'm not gonna make it but I'm just chillin. Praying and trying to prepare myself to lead worship. I walk in at 10am, and the Holy Spirit was sooo heavy.

Praise and Worship was phenomenal, the message was incredible and my uncle testified about how my aunt Cathy was diagnosed and healed of lung cancer within 3weeks. The 3 of us cried and cried as he made the announcement and the church erupted with praise! They were in total disbelief! But God is a miracle worker. That's what is supposed to happen.

After church, I shower and get in the bed at 2pm... And I just got up. Lolol.

I just Amazed at Gods faithfulness and how He puts all of my pieces together!


Now let me get something to eat. I haven't eaten since that breakfast quesadilla in ATL!

Nevertheless, be great this week and let God work it out. He knew your end from the beginning! Stay encouraged.

Fabulously yours,




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