Stop Saying You're Fine

The last few weeks have been emotionally and physically draining to say the least. I had gotten so distracted on every angle. Compromising and making excuses... overworking myself and hitting the psychological snooze button. And in turn, I found myself trapped in between my dreams and the paralysis of convincing myself to not care - to do what I want, when I felt like it, if I felt like it at all. Which is such an ugly place to be.

Stuck. And it was all my fault! Life was coming my way QUICKLY and instead of dealing with the situations at hand, I tried to cope with them on my own and let resistance win. I didn't want to wake up in the morning, I didn't want to pray, and I couldn't keep up with my To-Do lists so I eventually just stopped making them. And for a solid 2 weeks I lived my life as it happened. No plans. No goals. Just living.


It took for a friend of mine to repeat back to me what I had said out of my own mouth to realize how ugly I had become.
I'm so anal about the words that come out of my mouth because as I always say, "Sound waves never die. The moment you say something, the sound is for the rest of eternity echoing in the atmosphere..." and I myself began saying things that when regurgitated, made me cringe!

And you never really notice that you're in a funk until someone points it out to you and you take a look at yourself. I was in need of Spring Cleaning. I needed to de-clutter. Because clutter is a weight that builds so gradually, you don't even realize it's holding you back. And I had to start from the inside-out. I had to take a personal inventory and throw out whatever was filing my life with unnecessary distractions.

That can mean so many different things but for me it meant cleaning my room, ridding of toxic relationships and disposing of negative conversations. And most importantly, repenting and asking God to empty me of me and my selfish ways.

I ended up taking time to do these things and in the end I rewarded myself by purchasing a new bed set. I spent last night reading a new book "Stop Saying You're Fine" by Mel Robbins, drinking chamomile tea in new pajamas with freshly shaved legs. And let me tell you; babyyyyy I got the best sleep I've had in a while. I woke up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.

In order to receive God's best, you have to make room for God's best. Make the sacrifice to increase your capacity for Him so you can receive everything He has for you! So this week I implore you: De-Clutter and starve all distractions to feed your focus.

Fabulously Yours,