MAC Attack

This week I celebrated 4 months of working as a Freelance MAC Artist. I havent talked much about it on social media (with the exception of mirror selfies the private room) but I honestly love it.

I’ve always aspired to work for MAC. I remember receiving my very first MAC products as birthday gifts. Clear lipglass, Pressed Powder, Zoom Lash, and Aquamarine eyeshadow. (I’m pretty sure that eyeshadow is now called Steamy.) I remember being a pre-teen and thinking I was IT! Everyone else was wearing drugstore makeup but I was wearing MAC! I thought of MAC artists to be elite and premier. Two artists in particular, left an impression on me so tough, I aspired to be like them. Wear all black, wear a brush belt and create magic.

Two years ago I created a vision board called “My MAC Attire”. I didn’t plan on applying for a position just yet because I didn’t think I was good enough but I kept it.  Crazy because I didn’t intend on applying this summer. It kinda just happened. I didnt even apply. I just showed up with my resume and portfolio and pretty much asked “When do I start?” Laughing but very serious.

4 months later, this job has been stretching me in ways I never imagined as an artist. I’m learning and growing and being put in uncomfortable positions that are challenging me in my artistry, spirituality and how I handle people. We’ll see where my career with MAC takes me. I’m ready to grow! 

Here are the deets from my last Instagram post! Makeup by @mnewberry0921.



Foundation - MAC Pro Longewear in NW47, $35

Concealer - MAC Pro Longwear in NC45, $23

Contour - Film Noir blush, $23 

Highlight - Extra Dimension SkinFinish in Show Gold, $34 


MAC Indianwood Paint Pot, $22 

Browbone - Arena Eyeshadow, $16

Crease - Brown Script Eyeshadow, $16

Outer Corner - Beauty Marked Eyeshadow, $16 

Lid - Let’s Roll Dazzleshadow, $18 

Eyeliner - Modern Twist Kajal in “Squid”, $17.50 


Desert Rose blush, $23 

Faux Sure!, Extra Dimension blush, $28 


Chestnut Lip Pencil, $17.50

Burgundy Lip Pencil, $17.50 

Lipstick - Nicki’s Nude; $17.50

Moth to Flame Dazzleglass, $17 

KierraLanice Wray