El Primero de Octubre

I’m honestly in disbelief that it’s October 1st. I turned around once, blinked twice, and just like that  the year 2017 is 3/4 over. 

Like many of you can attest to Im sure, this year threw unnecessary curve balls that weren’t on my agenda to catch. I know that personally this year has been...rather interesting. But this is no “Woe is Me” or pity kinda party. There are several goals that I set for this month to help me regain physical, spiritual and financial fortitude!

One being, doing a 31 day Yoga Challenge! (30 if you start tomorrow, October 2nd). Y’all, Trap Yoga really changed my life! I have been attempting to do yoga every morning and I’ve decided that I want to take this serious so I’m going to need your help told me accountable! You’re more than welcome to join the challenge! I created a Youtube playlist of videos that will help me learn my own flow and once I get the hang of it, you already know I’m implementing Trap Music. Trap Yoga Bae even has a mixtape that I NEED!!! 

Heres the link to the playlist:  


Another area that I’m challenging myself in is blogging weekly. This is going to be tough considering I also write for The Couture Agency. But I honestly know that it’s doable. The Life as Lanice Blog has been neglected and I hate feeling disconnected to my followers! Soooo. I’m looking to post EVERY Wednesday! And digging deeper in my blog posts so you guys can really get to know me. 

Lastly, my finances! When I tell you my finances have taken a HIT! (Lawd Hamercy they have taken a HIT!) But This month Im going to make the sacrifice to tithe not 10 but 15% and save, save , save! I have so many things that I need taken care of; a new car, my passport, student loans, etc. And I’m believing that God will honor and reward me for my sacrificial giving and diligence! 

Like I said in the beginning, this year threw some unnecessary curveballs. BUT I’m looking forward to this month being peaceful and full of resiliency. Don’t get discouraged! There’s no such thing as too late. Let’s shift our focus, write out these goals, hustle hard, accomplish them and prosper! 

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