Yesterday my friend Latrece taught her very first sermon entitled "What is God Telling You To Do?". She taught with word with such elegance, poise, and simplicity that I was truly enamored and inspired by not just the words she spoke but the growth in her that I've been able to witness with my very own eyes. 

The word was so powerful and there were several things that she said that stood out to me, as well as several things that were brought to my remembrance that God had told me to do. Some BIG, some small, nonetheless, God told me to do them long ago and I still hadn't obeyed.

Three points that really resonated with me (as they relay to the title of this post) were:

1. You can't allow what society thinks to deter you from what God told you to do.  

2. People are tied to your obedience. 

3. Disobedience delays your blessing, and partial obedience is still disobedience. 

4. Go! Knowing that He has fully equipped you and He won't let you fail.

Out of the MANY things God had been telling me to do, one of the things that I have been blatantly disobedient in doing is taking the leap of faith and starting my Youtube Channel.

People have been telling me literally since HIGH SCHOOL, to start a channel but I would forever use excuses to talk myself out of doing it. I would make excuses that it wasn't my platform, I didn't have anything to talk about, people wouldn't watch my videos, I didn't have the right equipment; the list goes on and on. I was even partially obedient by recording a video in October but never uploading it.  I I used the excuse that I couldn't get the video off my ipad, and that was true, but it wasn't even completely edited.

So, last week I filmed this video, posted about it on social media but it still wasn't complete. But after being inspired by that message I'm pleased to announce that today I disciplined myself to finish what I started and I uploaded my first makeup video on YouTube! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

So please, watch the video below! Please don't hesitate to like, comment, subscribe and SHARE! I'd love to hear you all's feedback!

P.S Thank you Latrece for being obedient and teaching that message. That was just exactly what I needed. Now I have several other things I need to check off... including exercising true forgiveness. 

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