God Spared My Life

Happy December! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! So much has happened over the last 2 weeks and I'm elated to share! I'm not going to go into detail about everything but here's a brief overview. 

  1. I got a chance to meet and connect with the ever so talented PRO Celebrity MUA Riska Crowder! (Tamela Mann's personal makeup artist.)
  2. November 24th made 7 Years that I've been completely delivered from bulimia. (I'll elaborate and share my personal testimony another time.)
  3. I was blessed to do hair and makeup for a special project with EBONY Magazine! I can't wait to share all of the details! 
  4. I witnessed a miracle and God LITERALLY spared my life. (continue reading)

Yes. God spared my life 2 Sundays ago, November 20th to be exact...

I had driven to Dallas right after leading praise and worship at church to make it to the makeup seminar by 3pm. I wanted to stay the night in the city but I had to work at 7am the next morning meaning I was going to have to come right back to Houston after the event. 

The seminar was great. I met several aspiring MUA's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and got to hear great tips and tricks from industry pros such as Riska. I can say, however, that a lot of the information given was for budding artists and didn't necessarily apply to me because I'm blessed to say that I'm a little further in my career that most of the women in attendance. Nevertheless, it was a great event. 

Before hitting the road I forced myself to take a 15 minute nap and grab a pizza to snack on along the way as I feared sitting down at a restaurant would result in the itis; which certainly isn't safe considering I had a 4.5 hour drive ahead of me.

I was all set and ready to go. Bruno Mars' new album blasting (FIRE if I might add), pizza in the passenger seat, and GPS all set. Around 1:45am my uncle calls me to check on me and I'm doing fine. Loving this album but ready to be home, it had been a long day.

Well....somewhere between there and 2:15am, I, with the car in cruise control, unknowingly fell asleep at the wheel and woke up to the sound and vibrations of the rubble strip. When I opened my eyes I was about to side swipe the barricade. Quickly I turned the wheel to the right, and left, and right again, trying to regain control of the car. At one point, my car was completely facing to the right, horizontal, in the obviously vertical lane. It was in that moment that I screamed the name "Jesus!" as it looked as if this semi truck was going to t-bone me. Everything happened so incredibly fast and I kid you not, before you know it, my car was in the center of the highway, facing forward, completely motionless and I was at peace. I looked behind me, and there was not a car as far as my eyes could see. I look in front of me and the same, not a vehicle, or even light beam in sight. 

Shook up, I pulled over and wailed as I thanked God and cried because I had just been the recipient of a life-saving miracle. How in the world do I see a semi-truck about to t-bone me, helplessly scream "Jesus!" and the semi disappears?!?! 

The entire ride home, I kept thinking about how I'm so undeserving of God's grace and mercy, and thinking about what had just taken place. Because think about it, had the semi truck hit me, my 9x out of 10, lifeless body would've been found in a rental car, in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, with a Michigan license plate. 

Out of instinct, they would've called "Mom" in my phone, only to find that she's in Michigan. "Daddy" or "Dad" in my phone only to find the same thing. Or "Grandpa" only to learn that he's in Florida. So the question I kept asking myself is how long would it have taken for someone to identify my body? Or finally reach my aunt and uncle that I actually live with? My God....

I finally got home around 4am and had a hard time going to sleep because I was so shook up. I didn't even tell my family for 2 days because of it. And when I told my uncle Doug, he was blown away. Because when he called me, at 1:45am, it was because he had woke up out of his sleep and felt the need to pray for me which prompted the phone call to see if I was okay. He said by the time he got back in the bed, he heard the voice of God tell him that I was going to be alright. So he just went ahead and got back in the bed. The accident happened shortly thereafter, and just as the Lord has assured him, I was alright.

Blown away, I was in awe once again at how merciful God is. 

So this Thanksgiving I was grateful for LIFE and relationship with people who are obedient to the voice of God and will pray when He leads them to! God didn't have to spare mine but because He did, it was all the proof I needed that I still have purpose that needs to be fulfilled. 

So in case you needed a reminder: if you're still breathing, God isn't done with you yet!

Man, to God be ALL the Glory! 



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