It's February... Now what?

We're 5 days into February and I failed to update you on everything that God's been doing already this year! So much has happened since January 1st, I'm truly at loss for words. 

If you follow me on social media you saw that I attended the Diamond Dreams Gala at Minute Maid Stadium. I wore a gown, showed a little cleave (or maybe a lot) and danced the night away while working a room full of millionaires. That night I met the owners of the ASTROS and H-E-B and even Slim Thug, who I must say is a lot more handsome that I thought. Thousand dollar tickets to the event, $300 tickets for the after party, $300 for one night in a suite at the Hilton, Valet parking, unlimited room service and the likes, and Kiara and I spent not even a penny!!!! 

Talk about the favor of God!!!! We were even invited to several other all-expense paid galas and even the homes of some of these pillars in the Houston community. 

Now, the entire month, I went missing because I was studying in preparation for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards; This year in New York City. I hadn't even been to NYC since New York Fashion Week SS16, not to mention this was THE GRAMMYS! I had to be well prepared. 

Fast forward to grammy weekend, an entire month of preparation and I STILL managed to not pack until hours before my flight. I really have to do better.

My trip started with me flying by faith. I had my flights and hotel secured but my itinerary was yet unconfirmed. And if you know me, you know I live on a schedule and need to know who, what, when and where at all times. But someone prophecied to me 2 weeks prior to remain calm knowing that God already had the trip planned out for me. So that was constantly in the back of my mind. And any time I felt myself getting anxious I took a deep breath and confessed Philippians 4:6 followed by exactly what I needed.

I get to the airport Saturday Morning, spiritually prepared but mentally unprepared for the turbulent flight I was about to get on followed by me having to pray for a woman who had a seizure on the plane. 

I land at La Guardia and catch an Uber to my hotel in Manhattan where my best friend Danielle was waiting for me!! We get freshened up and hit the streets. Times Square here we come! 

In the back of my mind all I could think of was that The Grammy's were 24 hours away and not a single appointment had been confirmed. But I wasnt going to let that get in the way of me standing on God's promise and having  good time until it worked itself out. It wasnt until after 8pm that I got confirmation from a client's publicist that my first appointment was at 10am. THANK YOU JESUS! Now I can breathe! 

Shortly thereafter the next was confirmed and Im pumped and really ready to hit ti town! We're having the time of our lives strutting down TSQ. Getting hit on left and right, shopping and living fabulously. I even stopped at INGLOT and got my Pro Card and picked up a few last minute items for the day ahead. 

Get back to the hotel just after midnight and at around 1am, while in the shower i receive a phone call..from a highly disturbed Recording Academy Executive that was desperate for my services for the show. Apparently, she had been serviced by someone for the Clive Davis Dinner Party and not only did it take him 3 hours to service her, she was late AND hated her makeup. 

I had never even met this woman so I was taken aback but told her Id see her bright at 8am. Funny thing is, the former artist left his kit in her hotel room under the impression that he was going to service her the next morning for the award show and was coming at 10am. She wanted me to come early enough to service her and miss him. (haha I can't.)

I get off the phone and find her on instagram. And for the next 30 minutes, I'm studying her face and eye shape. Trying to get a heads up because I literally had never met this woman, let alone serviced her. I scheduled two Uber's, one to get to her and the other to make it to my 10am, holding myself accountable my schedule. 

I ended my night around 3am doing one of those "if I fall asleep in the next 8 seconds, I'll have approx. 2 hours and 57minutes to sleep" followed by tears streaming as I thanked God because he came through in the 4th quarter, double OT with :59 seconds left on the clock!

A few short hours later, I wake up well rested and catch my uber to Starbucks then to my first appointment with 30minutes to spare. 

This was the start of my first Grammy Awards. Wow.

And for the next 7hours, I'm busting my tail doing what I was created to do. I met soooo many people and artists and celebs and I kid you not, by the time the awards show started, I has crawled back to my hotel room, cleaned my dirty brushes (just in case I got another call) and got UNDER the bed. 

Meanwhile, Danielle had just gotten dressed and was ready to head out. So I take a break, we head back to TSQ and eat some of the best wings I'd ever had from B-B-Q's. 

We grab something to eat, head back to the hotel and before you know it we slept through the awards. We had gotten invited to a few after parties and everything but Danielle had a 5am flight to catch so it wouldnt have been worth it. (Rain Check Dj Khaled)

The next morning I woke up to a riot outside my hotel. I pretended to be used to it and carried on about my business. I had breakfast with an old blogger friend named Isaiah, shopped a little in TSQ, ate a New York Style hot dog, and got chauferred to the airport for free. 


All in all, my trip to NYC Stirred Up my appetite in such a way, I just may want to live there. I made soooo many connections with models, artists, filmmakers and the likes I can’t wait to go back.  

But we’ll see what God has next. (prayerfully March 4th in Los Angeles got the Oscars.)