Life Update

I remember being maybe 13 and they asked me if I'd want to move to Texas with them when they planted their church. Growing up I categorized them as my rich aunt and uncle that spoiled me so of course I said yes. 😂😂 When I was about 15 or so, they asked again and said if I did, I'd be leading Praise and Worship. At that time I didn't really sing beyond the stairwells at school and occasionally the national anthem at sporting events so I looked at them like they were crazy.


What's crazy is that I didn't lead Praise and Worship for the first time until I turned 18!


And what's crazier is: Fast forward 5 years later, I'm 23 and now the Minister of Music at Impact Church of Houston. 

Wow! Help me Holy Ghost! Lol

I have grown soooo much the last 3 years here in Houston and I'm so grateful for my Aunt and Uncle who I can truly call "mom and dad". Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn't see in myself. For providing for me when I couldn't and can't provide for myself. And for being a true and honest example of Godly pastors that are committed to advancing the kingdom without secrets, scandal, or questionable motives.


We may not always see eye to eye and every once in a while they may have to correct me, or fuss at me for stealing books from their libraries but I'm so appreciative for EVERYTHING you guys do for me. I love you!