Strength Like No Other

The older I get the more I have learned to "take things with a grain of salt", "don't cry over spilled milk" and "suck it up" when life has given me lemons. I have seen and experienced things that I vowed to never speak of and take to the grave. Looking back, since they didn't kill me, they actually did make me stronger. 

Today I realized I'm no longer a little girl or a young lady... I am a woman.  

Last week on my Instagram ( I posted these words. 

 The ability to maintain a smile and the posture of peace in the midst of adversity.

The dexterity to lift up others while seemingly at her lowest.

The capacity to love when it hurts the most and the world doesn't have a clue......

The superlative strength of a woman.


After taking into account all the times I have had women confide in me only to be blown away at how much weight and baggage they were carrying; All the times single parent mothers would conjure up an excuse as to why she wasn't hungry when really she just wanted to ensure that her child(ren) was/were taken care of; all the times I myself had to lie to people saying "I'm fine" when really I was broken and fighting tears;  I realized women are strength personified.  

Even biblically speaking, look at Rachel who had to live with knowing her sister Leah was wed by her very own husband, giving him 6 children while Rachel could've even conceive 1. (Genesis 29) 

Or Tamar who was raped by her own brother and had to keep it a secret for the sake of the family legacy.  (2 Samuel 13)

Even Esther who was born an orphan but was still used by God to save her people.  

From the beginning of time women have been through much adversity and yet the backbone of this world. Let's not even talk about child birth!

Honestly, as much as I love men and their physical strength. There's nothing like a woman. Feminine, delicate, creative, nurturing, courageous, graceful, selfless, fearless and fabulous..... 

Assuming that half of my followers. (49% to be exact) are women, woman to woman, I want to end Women's Day 2017 with  this:

You are doing an incredible job! Nobody can offer what you bring to the table. You're unique, valued and appreciated. Keep pressing because it will all be worth it! God has given you the strength to endure hardship and the resilience to bounce back. 

Cheers to womanhood!