Perception vs. Reality

As much as I love social media, I hate what it's done to our perception of time and truth. I talk to so many people day to day who feel discouraged because their life doesn't measure up to what they see on social media. I have fallen victim to this as well. We spend so much time scrolling through our timelines comparing our day by day life what our followers want us to see and all it does it leave us feeling inadequate or left behind. 

The sad truth for our generation is that perception trumps fact. Almost ALWAYS. 

It doesn't matter what actually happened, what was actually said, or where you really are. What's become important is what you say you saw, what you think you heard and what we think you're doing right now. 

How many times in a day do you find yourself saying "Goals" when scrolling? Its like we shop for our imaginary lives by scrolling through Instagram,  Facebook and my favorite, Pinterest. It’s like our subconscious mind The Sims game.  I'll take one tall, dark and handsome man thats waiting for me with freshly drawn bathwater with a glitter bath bomb, one pair of his and hers Mercedes G-Wagons, one 20 bedroom mansion, one closet with 500 pairs of Christian Louboutin stilettos, one sponsorship from Flat Tummy Tea, weekly brunch dates with my celebrity friends, and a side of $20,000 cash to spend in Dubai. 

I took a couple weeks off social media just to see what it would be like and life was so much more simple. I felt like I had freedom to think on my own and remember who I was. I had spent so much time looking at others and trying to measure up to them, that I lost sight of what makes me, me! Then would have the nerve to get frustrated when God didn't give me the desires of my heart. When really what I was frivolously asking him for were the desires of my eyes. 

Don't allow anxiety, impatience, or the pride of your own hustle cause you to reduce our father to a cosmic genie or sanctified Santa. He's not making a list and checking it twice. Before He formed you in your mother's womb he knew you and had a very strategic, well thought out plan for you and guess what, he's sticking to it. 

So be Still. 

Know He is who he says he is and leave it at that. In His timing, it'll come together and he'll exceed your expectations because He'll give you what HE has for you. So no more stunting for the gram. Be free. In your mind, your heart, and desires. 

Seek him daily, hold your plan loosely and watch him blow your mind!