If nobody else recognizes you, recognize and celebrate yourself! Years ago, a good friend of mine, Dr. Temple Smith, introduced me to a little thing called "mini-celebrations". Basically, if you do something great, no matter how big or small, you deserved to be celebrated.

Let's say you got up on time and didn't hit the snooze button this morning... that deserves a #MiniCelebration.

You completed your To-Do List for the day... That deserves a #MiniCelebration!
You refrained from clapping back and maintained a posture of peace during a heated situation... you guessed it! #MiniCelebration!!!

Well all of the above scenarios were literally me this week! I'm learning to respond to life gracefully and with ease and I think I did a pretty good job this week.
To reward myself, I purchased Breakfast at Tiffany's 50th Anniversary Companion and my new spring/summer fragrance, Prada Candy. I also purchased the sweetest mini celebratory treat ever ... Belgian chocolate Oreo cookies individually wrapped in colored foil for the "not so major" of the mini celebrations.
And they are delightful!
I offered one to my wardrobe stylist and explained to him why he deserved one. His response, "I'm not here for your bourgeois shenanigans." Lmbooo (at least I tried.)
Living a life of discipline isn't easy because we were born with this inner force called resistance. The choice is always in front of you: be great and move forward or give into resistance and go nowhere.

So the next time you do something note-worthy, celebrate yourself, even if nobody else does! And tell me all about it using the hashtag #MiniCelebration. I'm eager to hear your celebratory moments!

Fabulously yours,