Life Comes at You Fast: Where I've Been The Last 3 Months

I never realize that people read my blog posts until I get texts and emails asking where the heck I've been. It's funny because some days I feel like I'm reaching the nations and have 500k followers, other days I'm like, "Well, if no one read it, at least MomBoo shared it with her Facebook friends." haha

So here's the tea: 

Life punched me in the gut! 

If you follow me on social media, then you know I experienced a tremendous loss in my home and haven't been dealing with it in a healthy manner. I won't go into much detail but just know the amazing woman was someone that was truly a mother to me. Nevertheless, the timing, not that it would've ever been a good time, was terrible and we, the family weren't prepared for it in the least bit. So,  I ended up going home to Michigan for a couple weeks to gather myself. And as a result of my mental and physical absence, I forfeit a number of opportunities including the BET Awards, Essence Fest, a new TV Show, and several photo shoots. But if i'm being quite honest, me taking a break and doing absolutely nothing other than being loved on by my family was everything that I needed and was well past due. 

Grief has shed light on so many areas in my life that I absolutely need to get together. It's weird and hard to explain but it just has. So when people ask for my whereabouts, I can hear God asking me the same, just as he asked Adam in Genesis 3. When Adam and Eve sinned, the first thing they did was hid and their sin caused a separation in their relationship. So when He asked Adam in verse 9, God being all-powerful and all-knowing wasn't asking for his geographical coordinates, he was asking where he was mentally and spiritually. I was asked the same thing. And while I've been away and working on my relationship, I've gotten so much revelation.  

I mean, yeah life sucks sometimes but in the grand scheme of things, God has been faithful and I am truly blessed. I have a roof over my head, clothes upon clothes upon clothes, I have a working vehicle, I work for an AMAZING Public Relations Firm called The Couture Agency as a PR Coordinator, I'm surrounded by friends and family that genuinely love and support me, and my relationship with Marcus is thriving (not sure if I've ever introduced you guys to him but there's that).

So for those of you asking me where I've been, the answer is in pursuit of getting my life back! Only this time, with a new perspective on priorities and life as a whole. "I feel like time is slipping away from me" *Referencing the ASHIEST vocals I've ever heard in my life.* Click here for a great laugh.

My new endeavors include developing a new normal, creating daily routines and learning to plan ahead but live in the moment. I just returned from an AMAZING trip in San Diego for the La Jolla International Film Festival and Awards and that trip meant more to me that you guys would ever know. I am, however, working on an entire recap of the trip so in case you missed it, you can catch up on all of the details and my red carpet photos. 

All in all, It feels good to be back. I write everyday for work yet haven't felt like writing about my life's experiences because after tragedy hit, it became hard to verbalize it - and writing was just as bad. But I wholeheartedly believe that writing will help aid in the healing process. And again, if nobody reads my blog posts, I can always count on MomBoo to give me a like, share and comment. lol ;-)

Until next time,