25 Things I Learned By 25


Two and a half weeks ago (9/19) I turned 25 and I think I’m too young to feel this old! Lol

If you follow me on social media you know that I spent my birthday away in Chicago with Marcus – and we had a blast! This was our first time traveling together and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my adulthood. 

I won’t go into detail with every single thing we got into while in the Windy City but I will say that we stepped out of comfort zones, tried foods we said we’d never eat, shopped til we dropped and lived in every moment, most of which under the mantra of a “No Phone Zone”.

All in all, we had great conversation and being on that mini vacay helped me to realize how much I love this man and how much I can’t wait to grown with him in every aspect of my life.

One conversation in particular that stood out to me was during a romantic candle lit dinner the night of my birthday at the Cherry Circle Room. We talked about what we’ve learned in the last year and what does the next year have in store for us, individually and as a couple.

This prompted me to write this post. 25 I learned before turning 25. Enjoy!


1.     Life is short and every purpose truly does have an expiration date.

2.     Tell people you love and appreciate them while you have the chance.

3.     Be led by the Holy Spirit in everything, especially when it comes to being stewarding your finances.

4.     No is a complete sentence.

5.     Productive beats busy.

6.     Protect your peace at all costs.

7.     You can’t pour from an empty cup and you must put on your oxygen mask before helping someone else.

8.     EVERYONE is deserving of forgiveness no matter how horrific the offense.

9.     Love is a powerful force.

10.  God can’t help who you pretend to be. It’s okay to not be okay.

11.  Eating healthy isn’t as expensive as you think.

12.  Someone is always watching you, whether you want to believe it or they want to admit it.

13.  Value and take advantage of all of your resources.

14.  Mental health Is important and you can still be saved and get help from a counselor.

15.  God is consistent at being consistent, even in our inconsistency. (Whew! This one!)

16.  Standing in the gap for others when they’re too weak to stand for themselves is a blessing on both ends.

17.  Prayer is simple.

18.  I don’t like blogging and sharing every aspect of my life on social media.

19.  Live in the moment and experience things with the five senses, not through the lens of your camera and/or phone.

20.  Apologize when you’re wrong and don’t say “sorry” out of habit.

21.  It’s okay to grow apart from friends.

22.  Silence is okay.

23.  Planning your days and operating on to-do lists are essential to adulting.

24. Prioritize keeping in touch with your family.

25.  Isolation and solidarity aren’t synonymous.


All in all, I’m already seeing things with a  ew perspective and excited to take 25 by storm. I’m staying in my lane, minding my business, walking in love, and living on purpose.


Until next time,