Trap Yoga is a real thing and it's LIT!

Happy Saturday Morninggggg!!! It's 8:17am and I woke up refreshed, revitalized,inspired, and incredibly sore! This week has been quite an adventure. From Danessa Myricks liking my photo on IG, Anastasia Beverly Hills commenting on my work on Twitter (with a GIF attachment), working at 3 different jobs, ministering Wednesday night, and going to Trap Yoga with my homegirl, a mini celebration at Tout Suite, and getting an official sneak peek at my lash packaging...... this week has been pretty Lit if I must say so myself! 

And while I could dwell a little on each experience, I wanna focus on last night at TRAP FREAKIN YOGA! 

My girl Whitney (@_whitneythestlist if you're natural and looking for a BOMB stylist in Houston) texted me the other night asking if I wanted to go to Trap Yoga with her. Honestly I had no idea what the heck I was agreeing to but 1. I like Trap music; especially while working out) and 2. I've never done Yoga but lately I've been reading about how it improves posture and flexibility.  

So I'm all in.  

Thursday night I get a new pair of leggings so I look all fresh in my workout bc you know - Yogi's are fly and I gotta fit in. But after getting lost and arriving to the class 8 minutes late, they tell us we can't attend because it was too late and they were maxed out but we could come tomorrow night. 

Now we had already purchased our tickets so I was silently praying that they wouldn't make us purchase another. On top of that the Eventbrite FAQ page said, and I quote "Are tickets refundable? ------- Ain't no refunds bih."

Which is hilarious but tells you the culture of this thing called Trap Yoga. Luckily they showed favor and told us to come ahead of time and they'll make sure we get in the front. BET.  

Friday (yesterday) comes along and because they hadn't seen my new workout clothes, Of course I wore them again. And don't judge. You know you've considered an outfit wasted before because nobody got to see it. I know I can't be the  only one!

We arrive and set up out brand new yoga mats, right in front. We're ready. Nervous but we gotta be cool Bc 50+ women and maybe 5 men are behind us.  

And so it begins.  

In walks the glistening goddess with this huge Afro puff, killer body, and raspy voice. She was fit, she was fab, she was goals.... She is, THE Trap Yoga Bae. Right off rip she lets us know this is not a twerking class but it's highly welcomed and that if you've never done Yoga, or even if you have but have never attended one of her classes, it was about to get real.

And let me tell you.... IT GOT REAL! 

The class consisted of 55 mins of club volume trap music, the most uncomfortable body strengthening positions and poses I've ever been in, profuse sweating, deep breathing, and reflection, all encompassed by ratchet affirmations, periodic twerk breaks and a whole lot of empowering black girl magic.  

Like, I've never felt so in tune with my body! Just when I thought I couldn't do something and limited myself, being surrounded by so much dope energy, and Trap Yoga Bae making reflect on how the instruction relates to real life, had me unintentionally hold for an extra 10secs. Or do another round when initially I doubted myself.

 I realized that in many ways, I'm stronger than I thought I was. And if nobody else tells me that I'm valued, loved or even dope... I know that I'm valued because I was bought with a price, I'm loved by God and I need to spend more time loving on myself, and I'm dope beyond measure.

We ended the class by hugging each other as way to say "I see you Boo! You're lit and we just conquered our fears together. Thank you for sharing this experience with me." And when I tell you the love in that room was so strong. It was like everyone left inspired, motivated, ready to network, twerk one more time for the one time, and just be LIT together! Honestly I didn't know what to expect when attending this class. But I can tell you this; what I received was MAYYYY much more than $25 worth.

Upon leaving, Whitney and I, sweaty and all, decided to celebrate. It was 10pm but we had so much energy and we felt like we could conquer the world! So we went to our favorite spot, Tout Suite, for Flight Friday's, where you get to choose 8 fresh squeezed juice shots for $5. 

Between that and the macarons, we were turnt. No liquor involved. Just lit on life.

So I proposed a toast: to new and exciting adventures, thriving in even the most uncomfortable situations and for finishing not when we're tired but when we're done.


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