Life As Lanice: NYFW edition

If I could be completely honest, I don't even know where to begin... I'm amazed, overwhelmed, ecstatic, mind blown, grateful and fatigued at how quickly God is moving in my life. This morning I woke up singing "Cannot Tell It All" by Jonathan McReynolds. As I began packing my clothes in preparation to check out of my hotel, I couldn't help but weep. Not because I'd hate to leave The City That Never Sleeps or even because I couldn't wait to return back to hot, humid, Houston - I wept because

God's been so good to me I cannot, cannot tell it all.

He's opened doors for me I cannot, cannot tell it all.

He's made a way for me I cannot, cannot tell it all.

He supplies my every need I cannot, cannot tell it all.


My week was nothing short of an experience. From getting taxis stolen from us, to finding ourselves backstage at runway shows featured on, it feels like a dream. I could go into detail but I suppose I'll just let the pictures on my Instagram tell the story....because I need few days to soak it all up...

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